Hello Everyone!
We are ready to start selling the Brown Bear Car Wash Tickets to start our fundraising for junior year, earning funds to offset our Senior Graduation Night Party.  We have 1000 tickets to sell and we decided we would sell 5 for $30, OR 10 for $50, (and so on after that with no more discount, 20 for $100, 30 for $150, 40 for $200, 50 for $250, 100 for $500). 
We would love just a little help, not so much in selling, but in distribution.  We were hoping to get some volunteers to take a handful a tickets, say 100, to different neighborhoods, and then as we receive orders from parents and the community, we can have those parents pick up in their home neighborhood.  For example, Ania and I can hold 100-200 and do the north area around Newcastle, and if we had two volunteers from the Apollo School area, 2 from Briarwood, and 2 from Maple Hills, that would really help.  As Ania and I receive orders, we would let that neighborhood ticket holder know that someone was coming to their house (or a coffeshop or whatever) to buy the tickets.  Let me know if you would be willing to take some tickets and collect money in your area?
Ania and I will put together fliers for PTSA and Liberty, but I am attaching one in case you’d like to advertise at your work or in your neighborhood email distribution (for example, Next Door).  There won’t be any prizes for most sold, just the satisfaction of helping our kids save money at grad night J
Thank you everyone for being so eager to get our Class of 2018 moving forward! And please feel free to forward this to others you know, I am working on the database for our grade, but it will take some time adding 300 names and emails by hand ;-)
Class of 2018
Lisa Vold lisalvold@yahoo.com 425 761 1814
Ania Murphy aniamurphy@comcast.net 425 260 8532